Veronika Wildová

Intuitive Coach, Soul Reader and Light Language Activator for Purpose-driven Entrepreneurs and Conscious Leaders - Unleashing Potential and Igniting Collective Impact
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Journeys to Self
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Bio, Misson, Topics and Work

Bio - Veronika Wildova

Former singer-songwriter and project manager in a software company, Veronika's intuitive gifts blossomed amidst the lockdown crisis. She trained her skill - soul reading - during evenings and weekends and left her IT job after 2 years of building her practice. 

Drawing from her soul-reading expertise, she empowers individuals in workshops and Light language courses, helping them unlock their innate intuition and recognize the unique value they bring to our world.


Veronika embarks on a grand mission: guiding 100 000 conscious leaders and entrepreneurs to unlock their Soul's wisdom and unleash their Soul Light language worldwide by 2025!

Veronika's Work

Veronika's mission is to ignite souls, guiding hundreds each year on their journey to connect with their true selves and unlock the language of their soul. As a respected contributor to the national spiritual web "Journeys to Self," she shares her wisdom and channels light codes that touch the lives of thousands through social media. In 2023, Veronika took over 100 purpose-driven entrepreneurs and leaders under her wing, empowering them to embrace their spiritual calling in a transformative program called "Starseeds Awakening." It is within this realm that Veronika's greatest passion resides. Through her captivating online workshops and meditations, she radiates her light to a vibrant community of entrepreneurs, leaders and spiritual seekers,

List of Workshops in 2023 (Czech Republic, Slovakia and Online)

  • February and November: Voice of Your Soul - course on SoulReading
  • Beings of Light in Lemuria - channeled workshop
  • 5D Frequency Abundance - channeled workshop with Light language
  • Light Codes in Action - masterclass on practical use of Light Language
  • Light Codes of Lemuria - masterclass on Light language of old civilisations
  • Light Language of the Soul - workshop on activation of Soul light language
  • Interview with Lilly Li - Light codes jewelry creator from CanadaFamily lineage clearing and healing workshop 

Interviews and Podcasts

Speeches and Workshops

Signature Speech Topics

  • 3 Steps to Activate your Soul’s Purpose in your Business
  • 3 ways How to use Light language for your Business, Abundance and Relationships

Signature Workshops

  • Activate your unique Soul Blueprint in 3 simple steps (90 min)
  • Activate the Light codes of your Soul - and bring your unique Soul-Gifts to this World
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