Activate your Soul Blueprint and bring your unique Gifts to this World!

The Soul Blueprint Activation

Online MASTERCLASS for your and your Soul 

26th January and 2nd February at 7PM AEDT (choose your spot)

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Is it for you? 

This masterclass will be useful for you if... 
  • You feel that you have a greater purpose on this planet, but you're unsure of what it is or how to take the necessary steps to "get there."

  • You feel trapped in your current job (or relationship) and long for something more in tune with your heart and your authentic self.

  • You experience remarkable coincidences, intuitive visions, or a profound connection with the energy of nature.

  • There's a calling within you to deepen your connection with the Source/Universe and tap into your intuition.

  • Deep down, you know you possess gifts of intuition, manifestation, and energy healing, but you're uncertain of how to utilize them or elevate them to the next level.

What you can expect at the masterclass?


Guided Meditation to Reconnect with the Source within You: Experience the Connection with Your True Self. Find Peace in Your Heart and improve your self-esteem.

  •  Gentle Release of Old Limitations at the Soul Level with Light Language - Explore Family Lines, Past Lives, and Subconscious Saboteurs.

  • Gain Insight into Your Soul's Journey and Understand the Challenges and Energetic Gifts.

  •  Learn the Power of Soul Blueprint Activation - Daily Practice to Ignite Your Soul Gifts and Let Them Shine!
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(More about light language below)

So join in, and experience...

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Feeling of connection with your Soul

This will guide you towards choices that are kinder to you
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Understanding what your Soul Gifts are

And how you can activate them and use them in your life
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Knowing how to make Soul-aligned choices

Get in touch with your real SELF - the whole, fulfilled, resourceful being of YOU, which is far bigger, greater and awesomer than every tiny self-belief we acquire during this life
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Increased intuition, self-love and self-worth

Make choices based on this feeling of being WORTHY and SEEN

What do others think?


I just wanted to say that I AM SO GRATEFUL for the reading you gave me. It put in a HUGE piece of the puzzle for me that I had been missing for a long, long, time. All of my life I have OVER given and I have no desire to do that anymore.
Ana C. Jones
Veronika, I must say that your session was AWESOME. I really WAS able to connect to my Soul. My intuition deepened and the sweet feeling of trust to my Universe is stronger than ever! 

Eva R., Therapist
I can say for myself that your approach is amazing and actually so simple! I realized a lot of things, gained more confidence in what I do. Thank you very much! You have a very pleasant voice. Oh and I even started to perceive the soul of the's very new for me...but exciting :)
Vladka Rasova, tarot reader and coach
Veronika is able to see through many layers. She channels guidance specifically tailored to the energy of the group. I loved the Light language activation. I feel this light, uplifting energy still within me. 
Dasa chanten, facilitator
Veronika has a true gift, she has never met me and everything she said resonated with me! You can tell she is receiving messages from spirit and honestly, it blew me away every time she spoke! Thank you so much for sharing your gift with me!
Amy Rampel, toronto
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The Soul Blueprint Activation

 The Live Call will happen on 26th January and 2nd February at 7PM AEDT, will be recorded and sent to your email
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Online Masterclass where I will channel:
  • Activation of your Soul and Source energy (worth $50)
  • Strengthening of your spiritual gifts (worth $120)
  • Light codes transmission for your highest good (worth $250)
  • You will get a recording of this masterclass to your email
  • BONUS: 1 hour Soul Connection workshop with meditation

$500 AUD

$29 AUD

After payment you'll receive a Zoom link plus Bonus recording 
100% Guarantee
I you do not feel any change or benefit after watching the masterclass,
you get your money back. 
This Guarantee is valid for 7 days after the workshop
*Light Language is a form of transmission of vibration of pure love. These are not words as we know them, but a "coded frequency of love". Also the language of a Higher Self and Beings of Light. This vibration goes directly to our heart and cells, behind your logical mind. Light language used on my workshops is transmitted in connection to the Highest Truth and with regard to your current journey.
Any question? 
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Hi there!
I am Veronika Wildová. I help people connect with their Soul and see the Gifts they bring to this World. 

I am a professional Soul Reader. I've had a pleasure to read and teach hundreds of souls on my 1:1 sessions and group workshops. I speak and sing Light language as part of my healing sessions. It serves as a fast and effective Soul/Source energy activation.

My clients are awesome people of all age groups who are awakening to the "reality of the Soul" and who need a kind guide on their way.

Every soul brings a unique imprint to this World. The mission of each soul is unique. It is usually not that related to the work we do, but to the way we look at the world and how we interact with it. For the soul, her Purpose does not mean one single, predefined journey. On the contrary! The Soul energy shows us that we have many choices at any moment, and our gifts relate to all of them :)

You can find more about my Soul reading sessions HERE

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a religious practice?

No. The practices I will teach you at the workshop are based on your intuition and work with your higher Self. When I talk about Soul, I mean the Source / Light which I see with everyone. 

How do I recognize the voice of my Soul from the voice of my ego / mind?

The energy of your Soul is always loving, expanding, liberating. Your Soul will never want you to do anything you would not like. The energy of your Soul brings in the sense of purpose and being loved. 

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes! If you participate at the workshop and you do not get any value from it, I will give you your money back within 7 days after the event.
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