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Activate your unique
 Soul Blueprint!  

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Experience the Starseed Quest: Unleash your Unique Soul Gifts and bring them to light! 

in this self-paced online course
21 Steps Light language journey to Activate your full Soul's potential
  • Release limitations on the Soul level - unlock boundless possibilities of this Universe
  • Recode subconscious beliefs to break free from limitations and embrace your true potential.
  • Release past lives memories and limitations and activate your full Soul's power - so you stop running in circles and re-creating old pain 
  • Activate and unleash your Unique Soul Blueprint - experience deep energetic liberation so you can live your life on YOUR terms
  • Recode your energetic light body with new quantum codes - so you feel complete energetic release on a deep level!
21 light language transmissions and meditations crafted to help you connect with your Soul deeply, enhance your channeling abilities and release energetic blocks from your Light Body

"This Light Language journey is designed to help you unleash your true Soul's potential and activate your precious Soul gifts!" Andrea

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What will you get?

Ultimate light language journey for you and your Soul

Tune to your greatest Soul potential!

Meditations designed to help you connect with your Soul, open your Akashic Records and release limitations on the Soul-level

21 Meditations and Light language transmissions

21 Step journey with Light language transmissions crafted to release energetic blocks around money, past lives, relationship with your body, Soul potential and more. 

Fun tasks for your development

Workbook with journal questions and action steps for your development. 
Verca's  meditations lead me through the course beautifully and gradually lead me deeper and deeper. It is a beautiful journey and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to be kindly guided to a deeper connection with themselves. Verča is a great guide.
Jana Paces
Veronika is able to see through many layers. She channels guidance specifically tailored to the energy of the group. I loved the Light language activation. I feel this light, uplifting energy still within me. 
Dasa Chanten
Veronika, I must say that your session was AWESOME. I really WAS able to connect to my Soul. My intuition deepened and the sweet feeling of trust to my Universe is stronger than ever! 

Eva R.
I can say for myself that your approach is amazing and actually so simple! I realized a lot of things, gained more confidence in what I do. Thank you very much! You are amazing and you have a very pleasant voice. Oh and I even started to perceive the soul of the's very new for me...but exciting :)
Vladka Rasova

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