What are the unique gifts you bring to this World?

The Soul Blueprint

 Connect with your Soul and activate your original Soul blueprint

Step-by-step journey with meditations and light language transmissions

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Activate your unique Soul blueprint! 

Step-by-step process to activate your free Soul expression

Is that you?

You feel like you have some kind of spiritual purpose in this life, yet you do not know exactly what it is and how to make it a reality. 

You've tried various techniques to work on yourself
- your "shadow", your childhood, your subconscious mind. Yet, they are still patterns which keep repeating. 

You feel like there is some piece of the puzzle which is still missing - something behind all those techniques.

... and this piece of the puzzle must be somehow related to your connection with Source, or Higher Self. 

There is no way around it. 
Your Soul is awakening within your Body.

You are becoming more intuitive, more empathetic, more AWARE, but sometimes also the hell LONELY because not many people around you understand what you feel. 

I get you, sweet Soul

This is your awakening. 

The awakening comes in layers. There is no point B where you are supposed to get. There is just your ever-evolving, ever-expanding wonderful YOU. 

You are on your way to express more of your light, to bring out more of this beautiful dimension within you - which is loving, calm, and full of Source energy.

Starseed Quest - Soul Blueprint activation 

Unlock this carefully crafted awakening guide

This quest was made for all Souls out there who want to step into their conscious power, upgrade their intuition and spiritual gifts and live their life with more ease.

Packed with meditations, light language transmission and fun tasks for self-discovery 
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Easy and effective way to connect to your Soul and activate your Soul Blueprint - step by step and with joy

  Light Language transmissions

Deeply transformative and unique experience of spoken Light Language - with intention to awaken your Soul Gifts and releasing old limitations. 
Light Language 
is a coded vibration full of pure love - from my Higher Self directly to you! 

  Soul-Searching Meditations

Meditations which are designed to step-by-step awaken your consciousness, realise your Soul-Gifts and enter your highest Soul Potential 

  Soul-Quest Journal

Learn how to connect with your Soul and fully express your Soul-gifts with the Soul-Coaching journal. All tasks are crafted based on hundreds of Soul-readings

  Soul-Support Group

Regular Q&A and activations 
in a private group on Facebook 

Hi there!
I am Veronika Wildová. I help people connect to their Soul and see the Gifts they bring to this World. 

I am a professional Soul Reader. I've had a pleasure to read and teach hundreds of souls on my 1:1 sessions and group workshops. I speak and sing Light language as part of my healing sessions. It serves as a fast and effective Soul/Source energy activation.

My clients are awesome people of all age groups who are awakening to the "reality of the Soul" and who need a kind guide on their way.

Every soul brings a unique imprint to this World. The mission of each soul is unique. It is usually not that related to the work we do, but to the way we look at the world and how we interact with it. For the soul, her Calling does not mean one single, predefined journey. On the contrary! The Soul energy shows us that we have many choices at any moment, and our gifts relate to all of them :)

You can find more about my Soul reading sessions HERE

what is it like to work with veronika?


I just wanted to say that I AM SO GRATEFUL for the reading you gave me. It put in a HUGE piece of the puzzle for me that I had been missing for a long, long, time. All of my life I have OVER given and I have no desire to do that anymore.
Ana Jones, dallas
I did not know what to expect, but the experience of Soul Reading was beautiful! 
It felt like my Higher self talked to me through Veronika's words. Every word she said strongly resonated with me and I felt such joy, peace and gratitude. Definitely recommend! 
Marek Kocian, paramedic
Veronika has a true gift, she has never met me and we haven't even been friends on social media for very long and everything she said resonated with me! You can tell she is receiving messages from spirit and honestly, it blew me away every time she spoke! Thank you so much for sharing your gift with me!
Amy Rempel, coach, toronto
Thanks to the Reading I realised I do not have to choose only ONE of my businesses and I launched both of them in entirely different way. Now I see that I can include ALL of my gifts to my creation and I am so HAPPY for that! Thank you! 
PETRA, coach and stylist 

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