Connect to your soul to find your


  • Allow yourself to experience the healing and awakening connection with your own Soul!

  • A workshop where you let your Soul help you receive the abundance and love - more than you could have imagined!
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Next Date: 
10.8.2021, 7 PM CET (Online - Zoom)

I experienced the ultimate healing! The process led me though my childhood, family line and past lives in under one hour! I still can't believe it how much of the old crap I let go."  Hannah

Is that you?

You have tried everything to attract your SoulMate
You have worked on your shadows, your childhood wounds, you've even tried some unblocking techniques (been there...)

But it still feels like you miss some important piece when it comes to finding a real love

There are still some recurring limiting patterns you wish to heal for good - but you have no idea how.

You begin to feel like this has much to do with your spiritual connection to yourself.

The key is your willingness to take full, conscious responsibility for everything that prevents you from achieving your dreams - and a willingness to change it for good! 

Connect to your Soul

In this healing and activating workshop, you will:

Go through a process where I will connect to the Soul of everyone present, and help you release your blocks around finding your ideal partner

Those blocks include (but are not limited to):
  • your past lives,

  • your family lines,
  • your current subconscious blocks around relationships and love

We will release all related wounds and blocks on the Soul level -  so you can feel lighter, happier and limitless!

In the end, we will tune to our Souls highest potential - so you can leave feeling connected to your Soul and your greatest Gifts!

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I want to find my SoulMate!

Hello, World!

I am Veronika Wildova. I help people connect to their Soul via Soul-readings and activating workshops. 

How do I know this workshop helps you? 

I was born to parents who were in the process of divorce. So my first memories were filled with emotional pain. It took me 15 years of self-development and healing to get to the point of healthy self-love and trust. But it also helped me to recognise and develop my spiritual gifts - and the greatest one is my ability to connect and read Souls and heal on the Soul level
what is it like to work with veronika?


Thanks to Veronika I fell in love with meditation. I admit that it changed my life! The whole process is very creative, intuitive and accompanied by a beautiful voice. Thank you, Veronika, for your kind approach! 
Barbora S.
Veronika, as a coach, is totally awesome! She guides the session very sensitively and professionally. She knows how to work with people and helped me to make changes in my relationships.
Veronika was friendly and at the same time powerful guide of my journey. She knew what to say without me feeling weird or uncomfortable. She somehow connected with my hidden self and knew or felt things I never told her. I still can't tell how she did it.
Petr s.
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