Hypnotherapeutic Audio Recording

Rewire your mind to SelfLove in 21 days!

(Without going to therapy and overanalyzing your feelings!)

Align your brain and heart and teach them to love and support you - while you are falling asleep!
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Hypnotherapeutic audio for busy women who want to feel worthy and loved without spending hours (and loads of money) on therapy and esoteric webinars.

Including the most effective technique I use in my meditation and therapy practice - which helps my clients improve their self-love
every single time!

Total Value €49

"A whole process is very creative, intuitive and accompanied by a beautiful voice!" BARBORA S.

Not everyone wants (and needs) to go to therapy. But everyone wants to feel loved!

Does this sound familiar?

For whatever reason, you do not feel loved enough. You want to improve your self love and self esteem, but you are not sure how. 

You do not know why you feel like this, and, honestly, you do not care that much.

 You do not want to spend hours in therapy, overanalyzing your feelings and root causes. You have a life to live!

Esoteric techniques do not work for you. You do not want to buy crystals or mandala towels - you want a tool that actually works!

Some people are able to spend loads of money on therapies which do not work for them (I did that, too...). Trying to hack the root cause of their unloving mindset for years! 
Only to end up at the same place, asking... 

What if there was a tool which could rewire my mind to self-love, easily? Something simple, pleasant and effective?

A Tool which would help you build up that loving and supportive mindset you need! 

Unlock my mind-rewiring, healing and carefully crafted therapeutic recording

This recording is designed exclusively for busy women who want to increase their self-love, but do not want to spend hours in therapy! 

Listening to this recording every day for 21 days can radically change the way you feel about yourself! 
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Easy and effective way to rewire your mind to be your best friend - all while you are falling asleep! 

Yes, I want to rewire my mind and increase my self-love!

  21 days for the best result

Download the recording to your phone and listen to it every evening while you are falling asleep or just waking up - for 21 days in a row. You do not have to care about anything else!

 Release your subconscious blocks 

You don't need to know the root cause of your self-love issues. You only need to teach your mind how to treat you with love. Put your headphones on, close your eyes and let your mind wander and heal

  Put your mind to "Relax and Receive" mode

The voice is accompanied by beautiful binaural music - so that your subconscious mind relaxes and receives new beliefs easily and gently. 

 Boost your self-love and self-esteem on autopilot!

You do not have to spend hours and hours over-analyzing your hurt feelings and root causes. Listen to the recording every evening and let your subconscious mind do the work for you!

  Bonus #1: Workshop "4 Mistakes Conscious Women Make..."

... When looking for a relationship! Years of spiritual coaching led me to create this workshop, which I usually share only with my clients: 4 Mistakes that conscious women make over and over again - and what to do instead!

  Bonus #2: Write a love-letter to yourself!

Sweet little template to help you craft the most loving letter to yourself! By pouring your heart on a paper you realise and acknowledge your awesomeness even more! Writing down your thoughts can help you change your mindset in unbelievable way.

Oh, Hello!
I am Veronika Wildová, a creative soul and also a Spiritual coach. And I am keen on revealing people their own awesomeness!

How do I know that this recording helps you? 

I have worked with my subconscious mind since I was 14. 
Thanks to various therapeutic techniques
, I have learned how to overcome my life-long feelings of low self-esteem and loneliness*
10 years ago, when I started to use all those healing techniques to help my clients, I found out something interesting - the majority of therapeutic unblocking techniques gets to the same place.
underlying question of every therapy session, every meditation session and every coaching session I've ever provided was always the same:

How can I feel more love, now?
*(getting a dog helped, too) 
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But some people just...

  • Desire a shift in their self-love
  • Know that there must be a simple, pleasant solution
  • Do not want to dig deep into their past
  • Do not want to pour out their heart in front of somebody
  • Want to just relax and let somebody (or something) soothe their mind, maybe even transform it
  • And they want it fast, because they are busy living their life
How others feel about my programs?


Thanks to Veronika I fell in love with meditation. I admit that it changed my life!
Barbora S., designer
She knows how to work with people and helped me to make changes in my relationships!
Lenka B., assistant
Veronika knew what to say without me feeling weird or uncomfortable. She was like a very friendly guide to my inner journey.
Petr S., project manager

Ready to start loving yourself today?

Imagine if...

Everytime you get into a difficult situation, your mind responds with support and love

Your life changes for better every day - as your mind learns how to see and treat you differently

As you start seeing and treating yourself with more love, others will "magically" change the way they treat you, too - because you will shine with that irresistible loving light! 

You feel more ease and joy every day - more love and gratitude towards yourself - and you achieve this by very simple yet effective way.
I want to make sure that you get what you are promised.

     If you do not absolutely love this recording, no problem - you have 7 days to try it out! If you do not see any change in the way you feel about yourself, you'll get your money back! 

Disclaimer: This recording does not serve as a substitute for psychotherapy or clinical care. If you suffer from mental health problems, seek professional help.
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