Why should I take this course?

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Hello, beautiful Soul! 
Let me guess!
You've been on a spiritual path for some time. You've tried it all:
unblocking your subconscious patterns...
shadow work...
vision boards and repeating affirmations...
And all of that helped. To some extend. Up until now.

They are patterns in your life which keep returning. Either you are stuck in a job you don't really like, or you keep running to the same type of partners, over and over again. 

I am here to tell you that this is NOT your fault. 

You are called to step into a bigger version of YOU. Your Being beyond your mind.

You are called to open to the place within your heart, where your Soul energy sleeps, awaiting your attention.

Your Soul is trying to tap on your shoulder - whispering - that you are seen. That your Soul Gifts are much greater than your mind's wildest imagination. 

How do I know? 

Well... after years of suffering with anxiety and low self esteem I tried every possible healing modality out there. It took me fifteen years to get to the place of healthy self-confidence. Yet I was still afraid of serious relationship and felt like my true calling is far away from the IT company where I worked. 

And this was when I connected with my Soul - and I was called to help people see the unique gifts they bring to this Earth. After several years and giving hundreds of Soul readings I found out that the fastest way to awaken the Soul Gifts is the Light Language. The Light Language is a coded frequency of pure love. It goes behind the mind and clears and activates energy in your body, Heart and Soul.

So this is what I am going to teach you at this very special workshop. 

At July 27th, I am hosting a 2-hours Zoom class, where I will help you: 

- connect with your Soul and feel the gift you are to this World 
- release old energy and beliefs with Light Language (the coded language of our Soul) 
- help you connect with your Soul family 
- help you open-up to the codes of your own Soul with my Lemurian Light language 

With very special Bonus included :) 

This all just for 11$!


I am SO looking forward meeting you at the workshop! 


Veronika, the SoulReader
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