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Soul Reading - Client Stories

Five stories from a session called Soul Reading.

During the Reading, clients asked about health, relationships, money, calling and other topics. Their Souls have always given them an interesting and perhaps surprising insight.

The main message of the Soul is always - do not be afraid to be Completely Yourself. Don't leave out a single Gift!

First Story - Self Sabotage

I would very much like to share the story of a young lady who, after two Readings from the Soul, started a business. Just a little different than she thought.

A young lady (anyone younger than me is a young lady, haha!) came to my office, complaining that she had very strong internal saboteurs.
She always would always get excited about something, she would go for it for a few months... but when it came to completing a project, opening her own practice or, in short, fully implementing a plan, she always got stuck somewhere.

She stopped enjoying it, put her hands off, and after a while started to say that it was all just a stupid idea.

Such things happen to us often and naturally. We ride on a wave of enthusiasm, sometimes a collective wave of enthusiasm, we begin to want to create it in our lives, and suddenly all the "But" and "Why it is not possible" begin to emerge.

The bolder goal (for someone is too brave to build a website, for another to open your own store or end a long relationship), the bigger the subconscious But. Sometimes we manage to believe that we just don't have what it takes, that it's "not here for us", and the idea comes to an end and returns to the familiar zone.

 Whenever I tune in to the Soul and its Records, I focus on what it brings to this world. 

Once again, I entered the Records of the Soul of that Lady with humility and point of view - how much value and benefit are you to this world? And the Soul, aware of the limits of the ego, slowly points to the fears, pains, commitments, and programs one experiences. I help the Lady open to them, let them in, untie old commitments, and restore strength when needed.

In this case, it was necessary to release a very strong program of internal sabotage, based on the regrets of a past life.

"Regret of the Soul" - these are the deepest beliefs about our own guilt, which we carry with us and which come to the surface just in moments when we embrace ourselves with love and acceptance. We have once again relieved situations of harm and theft - and given the Soul courage and confidence.

 After a few weeks, the young lady wrote me that not only was she developing a new relationship, but that she was beginning to realize that she didn't really have to choose one particular field, one focus.

Thanks to the connection with her Soul, she allowed herself to combine more skills she knew and that she enjoyed - and as a big bonus, she was enthusiastically telling others about what she does. In other words, she no longer prevents her contribution from flowing into this World and being a real benefit to all who meet her.

Second Story - Recognize your Strenght

- where do we give up our gifts and potential everywhere and make ourselves smaller?

My client had tried all possible modalities (therapy, working with energy, unblocking...) in his life, but he still lacked a sense of purpose.

He did not know exactly what gifts to use and what work to choose. He felt stagnant. The Calling question is your favorite!

I immersed myself in the space of the Soul and immediately began to receive images from the client's past. I saw a powerful magician, a member of a group of Druids.

He enjoyed recognition and was highly sought after, and other druids valued his gifts. But he didn't see himself like that. At one point, he decided that his magical abilities were simply insufficient, and withdrew into seclusion.
Although the others did not know why, they respected his decision. This pattern was repeated several times - many lives, when the Soul was born with great capacities, with the talent to change reality with energy and to lead others as leaders.

But as a human being, she could not show her gifts because they did not appear good enough to the human eye. The Soul in this life simply cried out for recognition of what already is.
She didn't need to clean anything, nothing to change she didn't need to fix herself, or become someone else.
She needed to re-awaken and dust off her leadership skills, the talent to lead others with her example, decision, intention. Such a relief after years of circulating various methods to find out that you are actually okay, that you are bringing to Earth much more than you thought, and it is enough to act accordingly 🙂

Of course, this is also related to defending your borders, which is uncomfortable at the beginning. How easy it is to manipulate a person when he gets the thought that he is wrong and should behave as expected by others But it's nice news to find that it takes relatively little to figure out how strong you really are. Thanks to every Soul who chooses Reading!

Third Story - Forbidden Gifts

The Calling from the perspective of the Soul is not a specific work or field, but rather the various Gifts and qualities that the Soul brings to this world. And then she develops them here, her way.

Some Souls have a very specific gift - for example, they create an environment without limits for themselves and their loved ones. Or they have the ability with their art (singing, dancing, writing…) to connect people with their hearts.

Such a connection with one's own Truth brings one freedom, joy, a feeling of wholeness and independence from the outside, from the authorities.
Therefore, the art of connecting people with their inner Truth has been greatly suppressed in the past.

The women and men who in the past allowed other United (healers, herbalists…) were often labeled heretics, witches, and killed in a very frightening way.
I am talking about this because many women subconsciously still perceive such a legacy.
They can create beautiful things, they can influence large groups of people with their art, but at the same time they are afraid that when they use all their qualities (including spiritual) and come to light "with them", they will face ridicule, silence and sometimes death.

The joke is that the Soul has stored records from "both sides". Both from the experiences of the oppressed and from those who oppressed. Many Souls carry within them the legacy of victims and perpetrators - and in this life they are given space to reconcile both of these polarities and to free themselves completely from the need to fight something or, on the contrary, to hide from the world.

And such freedom is simply the best ❤️🔥

Thank you to every single Soul who chooses to experience this reconciliation with my guidance. It's a gift for me to help you see your situation from multiple angles and choose what really works for you.

Fourth Story - Money and Purpose

Money and Purpose (Calling) are topics to which people have a lot of questions and uncertainties (me too, of course). It's hard for us to just believe that we can have enough, that we can do what we enjoy, that we can enjoy our work.

Many of us now perceive a call to choose a "larger" version of ourselves. To believe in their Gifts, and to step out of the shadows. We feel the desire to try completely new things or expand the current scope. We just kind of feel like we want more "Us" here.

And we perceive that if we allow ourselves to manifest more "Self" - the loving, joyful part that he clearly enjoys when he can create and address others with his work - so that our lives will grow to unsuspected heights.

And that's the problem! Those heights scare us! When people come to me to know their Calling from the perspective of the Soul, only occasionally we touch the dreaded "blocks" and fears of poverty. We are seldom stopped by fears that our vision will not "turn out".
If we gather courage and look beneath the surface of these fears, there will be a real fear - the fear of being seen, the fear of having power over our lives, and paradoxically, the fear that our Mission is light, beautiful, full of joy and contribution ... in short, the fear that our true, true Self, is great and full of light.
Who can you go to with your fear that you are actually much stronger and more powerful than you say? With fear of your own light, of your own abilities, of KNOWING that you can cast magic in this reality?

... you may not have to go anywhere. Maybe just a light, first step is enough to get your light out. You KNOW what to do.

So, in short, cleaning blocks, past lives, family lines ... it's all useful and beautiful, but sometimes it's enough in this reality to act as if you believe in your own light and the rest will give up 🙂
Fingers crossed!

Soul Reading - What is it?

Soul Reading is a session during which I tune into the Records of your Soul, translating the Soul's language to human and giving you an insight into your current situation. 

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