Veronika Wildova

Soul Reading - How it works?

Hi, I am Veronika Wildova and I am a Soul-Reader.

I did not know I had this gift until I started helping others seeing their gifts. 
It was very subtle, at first. I just wanted to help others re-connect with their Soul. I would be guiding visualisations, meditations and some gentle processes. 
But I noticed something interesting. When I really zoomed my focus in somebody's Soul (Higher Self, Infinite Being, up to you) I started receiving various images and information. It would look like memories, like past-life stories, like family dramas. So I gathered my courage and I started to talk about them out loud. 
And something really weired happened. 

Truthfulness is a key

When I was brave enough to say out loud everything I saw, I could sense the energy opening. I could perceive the shift in consciousness - both mine and also my client's. 
So I continued. I asked people to try it out with me, just to see what would happen.
I started with my friends from spiritual circle. They would ask all kinds of various questions - about their health, their career, their relationships. 
I would tune to what I perceived as their Soul, got completely silent and humble and started receiving the information. And when I was willing to say out loud what I received, the energy shifted, the answers came, the healing occurred. 

So this is how my journey of Soul-Reader started. 
It works like this: 

You ask for a reading (you have to ask as I need your permission to tune into your Soul information). 

I tune to your Soul and start receiving information. It can be in the form of words, memories, past-life agreements, subconscious thoughts... Once I name it, in the most sincere and truthful way I can,  the energy shifts, unwind and heals. Nothing else is needed. You just need to be willing to let go of everything which stays between you and your dream.

And you need to be willing to see yourself as an ultimate creator of your life. 

Because that is who you are. 

Live with it. 

I love you! 

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