Veronika Wildova

How to Connect to God

In this article I purely express my views and perspectives. I am not part of any religion or any church and I guarantee you that your truth will always remain your truth. Just take what resonates with you and leave the rest here.

For firm believers, God is something you need to deserve. In traditional religion, you are "not enough" and you need to follow the rules and Do's and Don'ts... so you can apply for His love. 

This is not how I see it. From my point of view, God is One, God is all, God is before us, after us, within us. God is staring right now at your screen through your eyes. And He/She is enjoying this experience AF! 

How does your Soul feel?

For your Soul, the life on the Earth is something astonishing. Something so beautiful it takes her breath away (I mean, not really...) everytime she realises she is here. 

Your Soul came to this Earth to experience "what it is like" to be a drop out of the Ocean. 
In Heaven (or, Home of Souls) there is no such thing as fear, pain, struggle. There is no point B or point A and no journey you need to take from one point to the other. There is enough of everything, enough of love, light, consciousness. It is so mighty and amazing that it is really challenging to get some "real" experience. 

That is why Souls go a trip to the Earth. Here she gets her own beautiful human body avatar, her own separation-ego-mind software and her very own Life-on-the-Earth story.

It is one huge, fun, amazing videogame. You get to experience fear! You get to experience struggle. You can get mad and you can forgive, you can admire the beauty with, OMG, real human-like admiring senses! When you are in Heaven, you know you are everything. You see the waterfall and you know you are this waterfall too. You can see the beauty but you already know that you are the beauty too. 

But when you get to the Earth... Oh my God. You can choose to see the waterfall and believe that life is fucking shit at the same time. You can think of what you are "going to do next" after you get back home from the waterfall trip. There is no "next" in Heaven. There is always this amazing NOW. So it is sooo interesting for Soul to get to the Earth! She feels like she won a jackpot all the time. 

Unlike you.

So why would you go to the Earth, if Heaven is so amazing? And why the hell would you like to wake up from the earthly dream, if you decided to forget all about Heaven at the first place?

Well, here is the thing. We all agreed that we would wake up at some point of our life. When I say we all, I mean you all, who are reading this article. Otherwise you would not read it. You are here because you hear the voice of your Soul. 
Your Soul is calling you, because it knows that now you are ready to listen. Now you are ready to switch from your ego-mind to your Soul way of experience - and you are able to pass the light on. 

And there is nothing bad about ego-mind. There is no such thing as right or wrong, up there and down here. There is just our dream of us being separated, being insufficient, having to deserve something.  But we all agreed that we would wake up one day and we will bring our light to the Earth. That we would upgrade the videogame. That we would spread some joy. That we would bring the touch of Heaven back to the Earth, where it belongs. 


Because Earth wanted, you wanted and the reality is ready. 

But what is the fastest way to connect to your Soul, to experience this beautiful Divine connection? 

From my point of view, you do not need to take any detours. You can go straight to the Source. You do NOT NEED any modality, any authority or anybody's approval to "get closer to God". You also do not need to pay any karmic debts or do some intensive and expansive ritual. The only thing you need is your own allowance. 

You need to allow yourself to know that God is already here. 

How to connect to God?

At first, realise, that it is funny to ask this question. You already have God's spark in you.
  • You are already there. The "there" is already here. Our ego-mind helped us to forget so we could enjoy the Earth. But in reality, I mean in real, real reality, you are already there.
  • You are already it. So there is nothing to connect to. Your best tool for connection is to realise that you already are there, that He/She is already here. 
  • The only thing you need to "do" is to let go of any idea of separation and "not being worthy" of his love. 
    In religious terms - just "sit comfortably and KNOW that I am God" 
    • Do not "reach out" to Him. There is nothing to reach out to. It is all already within you. Instead, realise that all those feelings of struggle and fear are just amazing illusion. The more you practice this, the more it will shine. 
In religious terms - just "Be still and KNOW that I am God" 
  • If you feel like it, pray and journal the questions. Sometimes it can get really hard to feel God's presence. If it is hard for you to feel the presence of Divinity, do whatever makes you feel connected. 

    I am with you in this. Oh, I am so much with you in this! And there are so many beings of light here to help you with that.
    But, mostly... you are here. And you already ARE what you are looking for. 

    Fingers crossed!  

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