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How to start a spiritual business in 2021

Disclaimer: I was born Czech and sarcastic, so if some of my english sentences do not make sense to you, they probably don't. Blame it on my czech word order or/and a poor algorithm of czech Google Translator.

So you want to start a spiritual business in 2021. 
One big congratulation! You must have had a vision. Or you heard a "call". Or, like me, you accidentally consumed a few mushrooms several years ago and since then you look at the world from different perspective. 
If you are lucky, you run some business already and you only want to sprinkle it with some spiritual spice. But if you are just starting, brace yourself. 

I did not have a clue when I first googled "How to start a spiritual business". Luckily, there were plenty of people who did. And they were willing to share their wisdom for not-so-spiritually big money.  But who am I to judge? You can always search for some DIY videos on Youtube, as you have done with everything else during lockdown. But in that case, get ready for tons of videos that will give you just a few pieces of information. Those pieces will lead you to their authors blogs, e-books, cheap courses and, finally, 1 on 1 coaching packages which will cost you a little fortune. 
But do not worry. In several months you will be one of them.                                                                                       

How to start a spiritual business in 2021?

So, this is a checklist I would have love to get. Back then. When I just started. Surprisingly, it is not about the logo you need to create or a team you need to hire.

  1. Try out what you actually enjoy 
  2. Find out if other people enjoy it too 
  3. And if they are willing to pay for it 
  4. And whether those are your ideal clients?

1) Try out what you actually enjoy 

Because they are tons of services out there. No matter how much you enjoy looking at yoga videos or getting a Reiky massage, is this really something you would enjoy doing every day, with various kinds of people? 
When I started, I thought I wanted to be a healer. I wanted to make the whole World happy. But majority of the World did not want to be "healed". They wanted solutions to their problems. They wanted simple instructions. They wanted somebody to accompany them on their journey. They did not require saving. At least, not from me
And I realized I did not want to be a "healer". I wanted people to be amazed by their own potential. I wanted women to feel astonishingly beautiful and strong, and men to feel powerful and visionary. But did people around me want it too? 

2) Find out if other people enjoy it too 

I started to talk to people about my vision. At the very beginning, I felt a strong calling to help people connect with their Soul. I still feel this calling, but I know that some people do not know what the hell that means. 
So I did my little user research. I asked my friends if I could try my "Soul connecting magic" on them. They agreed as they would agree with going on a roller coaster with me
(Yes, Veronika, it sounds fun, it does not really solve my problems, but at least I can focus on something else for a bit...)
 Then I asked my clients. Then I asked people who have never heard about me. And slowly I found my own message in it. My own voice. And self-confidence. I learned how to listen to to my clients' Soul more than to my impostor syndrome. And if you need to overcome your self-doubts too, there is no way around it then to apply your magic again and again, until you find your voice in it. Your voice, as well as money. 

3) And if they are willing to pay for it

So you are trying out your magic, finding out if it works for your clients and if you hear your own voice in it. Great! 
Now, are you willing to be paid for it? 
I mean, really, really paid? 
Because if you have some World-saving tendency (as I had), then you might struggle to ask for money. Because those people need help, don't they? They need your help, otherwise they will die. And it will be all your fault that you did not help them for free. 
Well, it is like when you save money so you can afford something "more". If you want to really treat yourself, you will buy clothes or cosmetics in more expansive shop. Or you will go to more expansive hotel. If you desire to create a real change in your life, you are willing to pay for it. Your (future) clients desire high-quality service and you know you can provide it. So do not be afraid to be paid for it. You are paid for your energy and a change you create in your clients' life. And this change is usually far greater than you anticipate. 

4) Are those your ideal clients? 

I mean, you are just starting and I push you out of your comfort zone already. 
How you are supposed to know if those are your ideal clients? As a newbie you need to take everyone for half of your price, no? 
As a newbie you need to try your magic out to find out if it works for them. But, mostly, if it works for you. If you have a way too much fun doing your magic, then you can look around and see who you really enjoy working with. 
When I started, I thought that majority of my clients would be female. I mean, Divine connection, conscious sexuality and other weird stuff - it was not something I would talk about with my male colleagues at work. But also, as a band leader and project manager in IT, I was surrounded by men everywhere and I knew how to translate anything into male language. So to my own amazement, I have male clients and I enjoy talking to them about consciousness in straightforward way. 
The question for you is - who do you really enjoy working with? Where do you feel natural and yourself? 


Good luck with your Start. I know how big challenge it is! I know you can make it, because I made it too. 
I also had to start a blog and a YouTube channel, but you never know what sticks with you!  
So try out your magic. Change the way you talk about it if you must. Work with clients who feel natural and amazing to work with. 
And mainly, you are beyond awesome already. Do not ever forget it!
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