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Marry Yourself First!

Do you struggle being Single, or are you stuck in not-so-happy relationship? Do you hear the subtle and sweet voice of your Soul calling for your attention?
Learn how to connect to your Divine part, heal your heart and commit to yourself - so your next commitment is the happiest possible!
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We can get stuck in the search for approval and external validation. In relationships, in society, in money. Until we connect with our Soul and rediscover that all the love, all the joy and all the value is already within us. It is actually who we truly are. Thank you for being here!

Why Marry Yourself First?

Open to the Flow

Learn how you can let go of your fears and limitations by opening to your natural feminine capacity - your Flow. Release your fears and connect to your body with powerful meditations in the first lesson! 

Connect with your Divine Spark

Learn how you can connect with your Soul / Higher Self and heal yourself by simple being in the place of peace and kindness! Is it possible to feel connected every day? You bet! 

Discover the Gift of being Single

What if there was a higher purpose behind your singleness? Release the story of your family and start to write your own! Hug your inner child. Open to your gifts and acknowledge yourself in your wholeness!

From Mr. Right to the Man of your Heart

You know what you want... But do you for real? What if we give up on checklists and tune to our Hearts? What if the energy of the beautiful relationship (AKA the Man of your Heart) is already in our field? Find out how you can tune to this beautiful energy and bring it to your life!

Marry Yourself First

Commit to yourself. Commit to the greatest self-love possible! 
We are going to hold a fun ceremony where you will come up with your own promises to yourself.

Bonus: You are a Blessing

Meditation designed to finding your Purpose. The question is not What you want to Do, but How you want to Be?
Don't hesitate

Marry Yourself First! 


Thanks to Veronika I fell in love with meditation. I admit that it changed my life! The whole process is very creative, intuitive and accompanied by a beautiful voice.
Barbora S.
Veronika, as a coach, is totally awesome! She guides the session very sensitively and professionally. She knows how to work with people and helped me to make changes in my relationships.
Veronika was friendly and at the same time powerful guide of my journey. She knew what to say without me feeling weird or uncomfortable. She somehow connected with my hidden self and knew or felt things I never told her. I still can't tell how she did it.
Petr s.

Who am I?

Hi, I am Veronika Wildova.  

I help people re-discover the connection with their Soul and conscious creative power.
I can teach you how to use your consciousness in daily life to create a new Soul-aligned reality beyond limitations.
Also, I created my signature online course Marry Yourself First. 

Why would 30 something woman from Prague do such thing? 
Because I heard the call stronger than anything I knew. 
I was happy in my comfortable IT job, pursuing my music dreams and running the hell away from every committed relationship.
I provided therapy and spiritual coaching only to people whom I strongly resonated with. I did not want to "come out" with the spiritual side of me, until one day... 
I felt the connection to Divinity, so strong that it could not be overlooked. 
I felt that I actually could help people connect with their own spiritual Self. 
And I knew that if I follow this call, I would have to commit to myself. There was no space for fear or limitations. So I had to choose. I chose to follow my calling so I could live a purposeful life, and so I could meet you. 
This commitment brought me so much joy, sense of purpose and peace of mind, that I wanted to share it with the whole World. 
Do you want to commit to yourself and your gifts too? 
Here you have it - my online course Marry Yourself First! 
Marry Yourself First - the Online Course

Marry Yourself First

Marry Yourself First is for you, if... 

 If you wish to deepen the connection with your Soul and Divine Self 

... and take your consciousness and intuition to a higher level!

 If your childhood wounds steal your energy

... and you would like to step into your power and take care of your inner child!

 If you desire to find Mr. Right...

... and he simply does not seem to exist

 If you are afraid that you might never fall in love

because your needs feel "too special" and your standards "too high". You know that you deserve happiness, yet you do not know how to create it for real.

 If you feel like there is more to this life...

... and you would like to tune to this higher reality, the reality of your Soul

 If you simply wish to love yourself more...

... and you are finally ready to commit to it!

6 Videos

Which will step-by-step lead your learning journey. If you do not understand anything or prefer reading to watching a video, you will find a script in PDF below each video.

10 PDFs

Each lesson contains a PDF with detailed introduction to the topic. You will find there instructions, assignments and questions to help you strengthen your conscious creative power. 

11 Meditations and Processes

Each lesson contains a guided meditation for deep and healing experience. You will be guided through special processes which will help you release old wounds and fears and shift your consciousness to entirely new level. 


Regular check points and assesments to reflect on your progress and your spiritual growth. Includes specific coaching questions for your powerful evolvement!

What's in it?

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